Koo’s Aburi Trays is a home-based food provider that specializes in aburi-style sushi bake. A way of cooking inspired from the Japanese flame-seared sushi. Our casseroles are baked then torched bringing out the umami and smoky flavor. We use Premium quality ingredients which are evident once you have a taste of it. We train your taste buds with the finest flavors.

All trays use sushi rice and are inclusive of wasabi, Japanese soy sauce, and nori sheets.

Aburi Sushi Bake flavors:

Kani Aburi- signature flavor, made of crabsticks, a blend of mildly spicy, tangy and umami flavors.

Salmon Aburi- heart healthy creamy salmon topped with cheese.

Cheesy Chicken Teriyaki- a mix of sweet and savory chicken teriyaki with cheese.

Truffle Kani Scallops Aburi- Japanese and Italian flavors incorporated together with torched scallops.

Sushi Cake:

California Sushi Cake - it is our version of the California maki made into a cake. This is the very first in CDO. It is perfect for gift giving and for celebrations. An alternative to the traditional cake, this one is a filling and a satisfying cake.

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